Capture your sensor data

Sensor data can be polled in many ways, from anywhere on the Internet. Inside xml/json documents, Things Network or custom Rest APIs.


Capture sensor data from your devices and systems, at intervals of every 5 minutes to once a year.


Store your data in our redundant, system-fault tolerant databases for up to 10 years.


Analysis of incoming data can analysed for on/off conditions, exceeding limits and other anomalies.


Actions can be automated and carry out many tasks, incl sending alerts, activating PLC systems and more


View and Share your data using the Grafana visualization platform.


Environmental Monitoring

Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment. Government bodies around the world have regulation in place that places burden on especially companies, utilities and farmers to monitor various water releases, both into sewage systems as well as nature. Sensetif are capable to constantly monitor any number of sensors (liquid, gas, temperature, ++) over long periods of time, as often as every 5 minutes. Automated reports can be generated, complete with charting data over the reporting period, unlike any other system on the market.

Home Automation

You have installed sensors, switches and other devices in your home. Now what? Sensetif allows you to integrate the data from many different suppliers, and give you a historical perspective on your data, unseen in most other systems.




Learn how to use the Sensetif system.

Pricing & Plans

FREE plan for your home and hobbyist needs. Give your personal projects a professional graphical interface.

€ 0

/ month
  • 50 datapoints
  • 1 month of storage
  • 1 hour poll interval
Get Up and Running. Cost-effective for small projects and pre-funding start-up companies that really need to save liquidity.

€ 7

/ month
  • 500 datapoints
  • 6 months of storage
  • 1 hour poll interval
Most popular
Our most popular plan, to satisfy most users' needs. Get started NOW.

€ 49

/ month
  • 5000 datapoints
  • 3 years of storage
  • 20 minutes poll interval
Our deluxe plan for large corporations to not only capture a lot, but also capture the data often.

€ 395

/ month
  • 50000 datapoints
  • 10 years of storage
  • 5 minutes poll interval

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